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Meter high voltage RD-250

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1.1 Product purpose

1.1.1 meter high voltage AC and DC RD-250 (hereinafter - meter) for measuring the variable frequency sinusoidal voltage . 50 Hz from 20 to 230 kV and a DC voltage of 20 kV to 230

RD-250 provides a measurement with high accuracy:

& bull; rms ac voltage frequency of 50 Hz;

& bull; the average value of the DC voltage.

1.1.2 of RD-250 can be used to test high-voltage laboratories and electrical energy profile, as well as research institutions.

1.1.3 Implementation of this item is GOST 17512-82, climatic category UHL 4.2 according to GOST 15150-69 and group 2 of devices in accordance with GOST 22261-82.


1.2.1 of RD-250 operating conditions products intended for operating under the following conditions:

& bull; indoors or under a canopy in the absence of shaking, vibration, corrosive vapors of liquids;

& bull; Ambient temperature? C - from 10 to 35? C;

& bull; the relative humidity of ambient air,% - 80;

& bull; atmospheric pressure, kPa (mm Hg.). - 84 & ndash; 106,7 (630-800);

& bull; nonsinusoidality coefficient measured AC voltage should be no more than 8%;

& bull; coefficient measured DC voltage ripple should be no & nbsp; more than 1%;

& bull; distance from RD-250 BV high-voltage unit to conductive objects, which are grounded or at a potential of - at least 2 m;

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