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Production / Devices for diagnostics of cable lines

Devices for diagnostics of cable lines

Devices for diagnostics of cable lines - equipment for fault location of cable lines, as well as tools to assess the state of electrical installations. Usually this equipment is used in the maintenance of electrical installations, as well as during maintenance and fault location.

Search equipment

  • Audio frequency generator GZCH-2500
  • Reflectometer high-voltage oscillographic Spark-3
  • Receiver P-806
  • Receiver SEARCH-2006M
  • instrument POMZ-2
  • stand high voltage CBA
  • stand high voltage SVP
  • stand high voltage FPÖ
  • Trubokabeleiskatel TKI
  • Handheld Metal detector Dozor-911
  • Handheld Metal detector Dozor-914
  • Handheld Metal detector Dozor-934
  • Handheld Metal detector Dozor-954
  • metal detector Search-924
  • metal detector Search-944

Measuring equipment

  • a voltage divider D-140
  • Measuring voltage divider D-50/70
  • Meter insulation parameters FPI-10
  • Meter insulation parameters IPI-100
  • Meter AC and DC ITV-140R
  • kilovoltmeter RD-30
  • Meter high voltage RD-140
  • Meter high voltage RD-250
  • Installation of measuring dielectric loss Tangent 3m3
  • Meter power transformers parameters K-540-3