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Measuring voltage divider D-50/70

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1.1 Assignment device

1.1.1 voltage divider measuring D-50/70 (hereinafter - divider) for measuring alternating voltage to 50 kV and DC voltage to 70 kV with an electronic digital voltmeter having an input impedance of 10 megohms.

is possible to use digital multimeters type DT9205A, M890G, DT890B + etc.

1.1.2 divider designed for use indoors in a temperature range from 10 0 C to +35 0 C, the relative air humidity up to 80% and a pressure of from 650 to 800 mm Hg.

1.1 .3 On site installation is not permitted shaking, vibrations, the presence of air in the aggressive fluids (acids, alkalis, etc.).

1.2 The basic specifications < p> Table 1

parameter Name

The parameter

1. Range of measured voltages AC frequency of 50 Hz (effective value), kV

& nbsp;

1 & ndash; 50

2. The range of measured DC voltage, kV

1 & ndash; 70

3. Division factor

1000 & plusmn; 10

4. The input impedance of high-voltage unit Mohm

273 & plusmn; 13

5. a DC voltage measurement reduced relative error (with voltmeter DT9205A), not more than

& plusmn; 1,5%

6. Reduced relative measurement error of the AC voltage (with a voltmeter DT9205A), not more than

& plusmn; 2,5%

7. Overall dimensions of the high-voltage unit, mm


8. Weight of a high-voltage unit, kg, more


Note: precious materials in the product are not available.

1.3 Configuration

& nbsp;

1.3.1 Set delivery divider shown in table 2.

table 2




The block HV


& nbsp;



& nbsp;

cable connecting coaxial



Digital multimeter DT9205A

1 < / p>

& nbsp;

User Manual


& nbsp;

1.4 apparatus and operation of the product

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

divider circuit formed by ohmic Delhi voltage of Tell, and consists of a block of high voltage A1 load A2 and the connecting coaxial cable

Input resistance high-voltage unit is equal to 273 MOhms, block division ratio at the disconnected load -. approximately 230

load. comprises resistors switchable tumbler S1 & quot; VOLTAGE & quot ;. Availability trimming resistors R5, R6 allows to adjust the division ratio separately for direct and alternating voltage. Adjustment is made by rotating the axes trimmers, marked with the symbol & laquo; = & raquo; and & laquo; ~ & raquo; with the top cover removed

Conclusions terminated with loading forks: X4 (potential) & ndash;. red, X5 (shared) & ndash; . Black

cable connecting segment is made on the basis of radio frequency coaxial cable RG58-A / U, terminated with coaxial plugs SR50-74P

& nbsp;.

1.5 labeling

1.5.1 On the high-voltage unit case is applied marking & laquo; voltage divider D-50/70. Block HV & raquo ;, number, year

1.5.2 On divider load applied marking & laquo;. Load divider D-50/70 & raquo;.

2. Safety Precautions

1.1.1 To work with a divider allowed persons with group safety in installations with a voltage above 1000 V is not lower than the third.

1.1.2 Housing high voltage divider unit It must be grounded, and the operator workstation should be equipped with an insulating base & ndash; . Dielectric rubber mat, a group of I GOST 4997-75

Other safety measures regulated DNAOP 0.00-1.21-98 & laquo; Rules bezpechnoї єkspluatatsії elektroustanovok spozhivachіv & raquo;.

1.1.3 is not recommended to apply a high voltage to the high voltage at the disconnected loading unit.

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